These Simple Back Strengthening Exercises Have Got Yoga Teachers Worldwide Raving

Posted by MVMT Team

In the age of desk jobs and bad posture, back pain, finding effective back strengthening exercises should be a top priority for the average career person, or just about anybody…

The good news is, 15 minutes of concerted effort can lead to a lifetime of relief and a stronger back to help you deal with the trials and stresses of modern living!

Try these simple back strengthening exercises that have Yoga teachers worldwide raving!

Heel Raises

To do this properly, simply grab a chair and stand behind it, ready to use it for support whenever needed.

Stand up and slightly bend your knees so you’re comfortable. Don’t be rigid with your legs. Then, slightly bend your left knee so that the palm of your feet are firmly on the ground, but your heel is raised a few inches off. Hold for a few seconds and then gently bring the heel back down.

Do this for 15 reps, and then switch to the right heel and repeat for another 15 reps.

The Back Twist

Lay down on the floor and place a pillow beneath your lower back for support.

Then, fold your left leg over your right knee and pull down toward your left so that both of your knees are touching the floor. This will make your hip twist a little bit, while your upper back remains straight.

Hold this position for a few seconds while comfortable, and then switch to the right side and pull your knees down to the floor again. Hold for a few seconds while comfortable and keep your upper body lying straight. This is one of the most effective back strengthening exercises that targets your lower back in particular.

The knee clutch

Still with the lower back in mind, and still lying flat on the ground, pull your left knee as far up as you can and press it against your chest if possible. Use your arms to hug your knee, but make sure your back stays flat on the ground and relax in that position for a few seconds.

Then gently lower your left knee and raise your right knee up as close to your chest as possible and use your arms to hug your knee while holding that position for a few seconds again.

The 90 Degree Lay-down

Perhaps the easiest of all the back strengthening exercises, you’ll love how simple this one is to do.

Set a timer for 2 minutes, and place a pillow at the foot of your bed.

Place your buttocks on the pillow, your back on the floor, and your legs on your bed. You’re basically sitting upside down at this point.

Start the time, breathe deep and just relax. Want another reason to use this awesome exercise? This position also helps alleviate migraines. Yay!

Ankle circles

Modern society is generally speaking far too top-heavy, and as a result, a lot of our upper-body pains can be traced to our neglecting of our lower body.

This is why this seemingly innocent ankle exercise is in fact one of the most potent back strengthening exercises we’ve found!

In a seated, lying or standing position, simply raise your left leg in the air just a few inches off the floor, and use your big toe to traces a figure-8 in the air. Draw 10 figure-8s with the left foot, and then lower it and raise your right leg. Repeat for another 10 figure-8s!

Try this 15 minute circuit as part of your morning routine and notice the astounding relief it brings to your back, even after a long day of sitting on your rigid office chair.

If you find these exercises to be helpful but not enough to relieve pain, or if you require some more awesome back strengthening exercises, book a no-obligation appointment to see one of our specialists today to get a thorough analysis of your back pain, as well as get you the treatment you need for optimal health and vitality!

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