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After finishing her degree in neuroscience, Tia decided to leave behind the world of research and pursue her passion: helping people to live full, meaningful lives. Tia obtained her MSc in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta and immediately joined the MVMT family.

When she is not at the clinic, Tia can be found lifting weights at the gym, hiking with her dog, or finding a new favourite coffee shop. When it comes to rehab, Tia’s philosophy is: rehab isn’t just about getting you OUT of pain, it’s about getting you back INTO the things that matter. Whether it’s returning to your high-performance sport or spending quality time with your family on the weekends, Tia is here to help you reach your goal. In addition to helping people recover from their musculoskeletal injuries, Tia has special interests in pelvic health, paediatrics, and rehabilitation from neurological injuries.


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