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Alison King

My name is Alison King, I am a registered massage therapist with CMMOTA. I have been a therapist since 2016; starting my practice as a student attending Grant MacEwan University, in 2013.I have always had an interest in massage therapy, and how we can use the body to help heal itself. My journey into massage therapy as a career began when I was involved in my own motor vehicle accident. During my treatment, I was able to ask about the career and the options available in it. As a therapist, I have developed my skills in advanced orthopedic, active release, trigger point, Graston, kinetic massage therapy, and cupping therapies to help patients regain pain-free mobility and range of motion. I love being able to assist patients in their return to health and wellbeing. I have my own experience with limitations in the body and I feel it helps me understand how patients feel when they are in recovery; during my competitive soccer years, I had suffered a broken knee and had to go to my own therapies to recover. I still love playing sports, hiking, and being out and active with my daughters.


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