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snow shoveling injuries

Snow Shoveling Injuries: 4 Common Snow Shoveling Injuries

Ah snow shoveling, a wintertime activity everyone just loves to do. While your local municipality clears your road, this does not include your driveway and is a task you need to do yourself – unfortunately.

For many, shoveling snow can lead to injuries and, in the worst-case scenario, even death. With all that in mind, here are 4 common snow shoveling injuries to avoid:

4 Common Snow Shoveling Injuries

The most common snow shoveling injuries are either due to overexertion, improper use, or slipping and falling on ice. Among these are the following:

  1.     Back Injuries

This is the most common of the five injuries when shoveling snow. Overexertion and lifting instead of pushing are the main causes of this pain. This is most common in adult men is lower back pain and injuries. In short: push, don’t lift.

  1.     Cuts and Fall

These, on the other hand, are most common in children due to improper use. Injuries occur when children shovel the wrong way or use it during playtime instead of its intended purpose. Wearing improper attire while shoveling is also one of the causes of you getting cuts, bruises, and slipping and falling on ice.

  1.     Fractures

Your hands and arms are the most common regions to sustain a snow shoveling related fracture since these are the ones you overuse, as well as your legs. Some cases reported are from children getting hit by a shovel resulting to bone fracture.

  1.     Muscle Strain

Like we mentioned, it all boils down to overexertion. Your muscles, ligaments, soft tissues, and tendons are all prone to muscle strain which often time lead to a full-blown injury. Overworking and overexertion may cause strain. Avoid this as much as possible.

If ever you or your family members do suffer from related injuries and pain from snow shoveling, consider looking into physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists are licensed professionals that can help you understand what your pain means and will also help you design a personalized treatment plan to improve your quality of life.

Call us for a free consultation with one of our experienced and certified physiotherapists today.

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