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Rehabilitation Exercises St Albert

What are Physiotherapy Exercises?

Exercises are an essential component to the recovery process of patients with musculoskeletal conditions. If you want your life back, you will have to do the right kind of exercises with your physiotherapist. Our bodies require strengthening, mobility and coordination to move both painlessly and freely.

However, when an injury occurs, certain parts of the body become stiff, weak, and swollen causing both pain and a loss of normal function. You may have experienced this while injuring yourself playing an activity, only to wake up in pain the next morning. You can’t get out of bed because it hurts too much.

Exercise rehabilitation is necessary to restore normal muscle function and control of your body. When performed correctly and safely under the guidance of your physiotherapist or kinesiologist, exercise has the potential to relieve pain.

Proudly serving Edmontonians and St Albertans, our team of physiotherapists and kinesiologists are educated in both injury diagnosis and the science of exercise. During your initial appointment, we will thoroughly examine and assess you and individually customize a one-on-one physiotherapy exercise program designed just for you, based on your health condition, needs, your risk of fracture and your current activity level. When collaborated with physiotherapy, massage therapy and kinesiology treatments, therapeutic exercises can help you:

  • Achieve fitness goals safely
  • Correct posture
  • Get the Care You Deserve
  • Identify fitness goals
  • Improve muscle strength, body awareness, balance and range of motion
  • Improve your fitness performance
  • Maximize recovery from injury (e.g., sports injuries, motor vehicle, work-related)
  • Rehabilitate injured area Resolve musculoskeletal problems
  • Restore normal muscle functions
  • Restore strength, flexibility, and mobility
  • Return to work, sports activities earlier

What Do Our Sports Physiotherapists Do?

More sport specific exercise in rehabilitation and activities are what our registered physiotherapists focus on. There isn’t much that our team hasn’t seen or treated in dealing with sports injuries backed up by years of experience and happy customers. We are dedicated to getting you back on your feet, and back on the ice, basketball court, soccer field, golf course, baseball field or as simple as daily activity as quickly as possible.

Sports rehab might take more time than other types of treatment and it’s usually more demanding as the tensions in our joints, muscle mass and also tendons during sporting tasks are a lot higher contrast to typical activities, and because of this, the rehabilitation program requires to consist of higher-end and more strenuous rehab exercises to prepare the athlete for their sport.

Our staff has the right experience in the occupation as well as foundational understanding of recovery times for when an athlete can return to their sport. We assess every client on a case by case basis and prepare a personalized treatment plan according to it. Furthermore, we also recommend some great home exercises that can help you through your healing process.

What Are The Benefits of Rehabilitation Exercises?

  1. Acute sports injuries (e.g. hamstring strains, ankle sprains, joint sprains)
  2. Dislocated shoulders
  3. Lower back pain – core stabilization
  4. Pre/post surgical exercises for hip and knee replacements, ligament tears, and rotator cuff
  5. Whiplash caused from motor vehicle accidents

Why Choose MVMT Physio & Chiro St Albert Exercise Rehab?

Say goodbye to your pain and aches! We will assess your movement patterns, biomechanics, and functional needs before we design an individualized exercise rehabilitation program to suit your lifestyle.

Together, with you and our exercise programs, the St Albert physical therapy team will decide the rehabilitation exercise that is best for you. We encourage you to take control of your lives by providing exercise therapy that will help you manage pain relief and achieve the energy to withstand life’s daily challenges.

Book Your Appointment and Exercise Better With Our Health Care Experts!

If you want to maximize recovery from an injury, contact our clinic to book your personalized session and learn more about customized exercise regimen in rehabilitation.

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