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Physiotherapy in Akinsdale

Our top priority at MVMT Physio & Chiro is always improving the patient’s health while providing a positive, comfortable experience. Our clinic serves Akinsdale and surrounding areas, with experienced physiotherapists, massage therapists and other treatment experts on our team who strive to implement custom treatments that address the needs of every unique patient.

Physiotherapy can be used for both acute and chronic conditions. It can also help prevent future injuries by strengthening muscles, joints and tendons. Physiotherapy is commonly used as part of your recovery from injury or illness. It may also be prescribed after surgery or dental work to assist in healing. It can help you regain strength and mobility following an accident or injury.

Our health care professionals at MVMT Physio & Chiro hold a strong commitment to our patients. Our main priority is figuring out the best treatment plan for you and getting you back to optimal health. We begin by developing an individualized, specialized treatment plan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

An initial medical assessment will help us develop the right recommendations including a comprehensive integrated course of therapy tailored just for you. The goal is to target the root causes of your pain and create a personalized exercise plan that’ll get you feeling better, as quickly and completely as possible. We factor in what lifestyle factors might be working against you, so we’ve ensured the workout plan we design is achievable for you. Our Akinsdale Physiotherapy will make sure you get back to your activities as soon as possible.


Chiropractor Akinsdale

Chiropractic care helps your joints and muscles by assessing, diagnosing, and manually treating the bones, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints that you use every day. By receiving a chiropractor’s adjustment your muscle will relax while also improving in range of motion. However to make good progress towards decreasing pain or stress it is important to be active throughout rehabilitation which at MVMT Physio & Chiro we help personalize for you so that you can recover from any aches or pains.

Our Chiropractors in Akinsdale are experts in treating headaches, neck pain, jaw pain and other body pains. Besides this they provide diagnostic care for the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system of your body. In order to treat a certain ailment, our chiropractor in St Albert will evaluate an individual’s condition and its cause; he or she will then prescribe treatments after studying their medical history as well as symptoms severity of illness’ effects on it. 

Chiropractic approach to health care is holistic–it expands beyond bio-mechanical diagnosis (the physical evaluation) covering in-depth nutritional assessment (nutritionist specialized analysis) that includes therapeutic exercise programs for patients with chronic conditions who need help achieving lifestyle changes so they can live healthier lives.

Massage Therapy Akinsdale

Massage therapy is one of the most effective tools for healing. Our specialized therapists offer different styles and types of treatments to accommodate all kinds of injuries and conditions, such as sports, work-related accidents, prenatal care or stress relief. 

Massage Therapy offered at Akinsdale location can help you restore function, treat pain, and reduce stress. This will increase your overall health. It can even improve sleep patterns! Massages have been shown to relieve tension, lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety, boost immunity, and promote relaxation.

Our St Albert registered massage therapist will discuss your specific health concerns with you when they are at the clinic and set up a treatment schedule for. This is so we can ensure that what needs to get done gets done-whatever it may be for each client; this way everyone receives the right treatment for their unique needs.

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We at MVMT Physio & Chiro, know that for many people, there is no one single solution to resolve multiple medical issues. That’s why we offer holistic healthcare programs to help you manage your mind and body together as one- from chronic pain management all the way up to psychological assessments. We’ll create a plan so you wake up every day feeling better than before!

If you are suffering with pain, either chronic or caused by an accident, contact us today to schedule your no obligation appointment. We look forward to helping you through the process of recovering quickly!

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