Our Story

MVMT Physio Chiro officially started April 1, 2019, but has a longer history stemming from over 20 years of rehab and pain management experience.

Our Story

MVMT Physio Chiro officially started

The team at MVMT Physio Chiro has a history of healing that runs twenty years deep. Before MVMT was, well, MVMT, our core offering worked under names like Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy and Body Restoration before developing into the devoted team of passionate experts present today.

MVMT Physio Chiro is a multidisciplinary clinic that specializes in physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture. We put our patients’ goals first and inspire everyone who enters to set new goals and reach new heights. Our emphasis on community is what makes us so strong and is something we wouldn’t be here today without. Since our start, MVMT has grown, developed, and thrived from the many years of experience that came before us. Our team strives to continue to create a space of growth, leadership, performance, and community for our staff, students, and patients.


With Education and Empowerment

At the forefront, we help clients treat, understand, and care for their injuries in and out of the office. As a unique one-stop with various disciplines under one roof, we help people from all different backgrounds feel and move better, enabling them to achieve new and exciting things.  

Our passion for people doesn’t just stop at outreach. We pride ourselves in being strong pillars in the community by attending local events and sports games to provide educational workshops or sideline treatment. We put our patients first and never settle for mediocrity.


To Put It Simply

 we’re in the business of personal development. Whether it be your health, your life, or reaching your goals, we make it our mission to help you move better so that you can reach new heights. Regardless of the discipline, we work hard each and every day towards one common goal—helping patients get back to doing what they love, pain-free. Whether it be for health and wellness, injury prevention, rehabilitation, or sports medicine, MVMT is the place to take care of your body and take back your life.


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