Numbness In Hands

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Are you experiencing tingling in your fingertips?

It’s almost this prickling feeling in your fingers… As if someone were lightly poking your fingers with a needle or a brush.

Some also experience an effect on their ability to pick things up, almost as if they’re no longer in control of their hands and they’ve lost the strength for basic tasks.

But what could be causing these symptoms that often range from simply an annoying nuisance to something that can even stand in your way of performing daily tasks?

The Potential Causes of Numbness and Tingling in the Hands

The body is home to an intricate network of nerves that span the farthest reaches of your body and are largely responsible for transmitting messages to and from your brain.

When this natural courier system is damaged or harmed in some way, numbness in hands can occur.

These cause can be a variety of issues like:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr Rob Danoff, the director of family medicine at Philadelphia’s Aria Health System says that this is by far one of the most common causes of hand numbness.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a condition in which your media nerve (a nerve that runs down your forearm and into your hand) becomes pinched at your wrist.

In this modern day and age, where most people work from computers, it’s normal that the symptoms of CTS are increasing due to spending long hours at a desk typing and using a mouse.

Aside from numbness, other symptoms include a sensation that your index, thumb and middle finger are tingling.

If you find yourself exhibiting these symptoms, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. It is by no means a life-threatening condition but if left unchecked it may require surgery to manually unpinch the nerve.

Thyroid Disorders

Although this one is very rarely suspected, tingling and numbness in your hands could be caused by a thyroid disorder.

What’s known as hypothyroidism can result in damage to the nerves that are the couriers of daily information between your brain and the rest of your body. When coupled with other symptoms of hypothyroidism like hair loss, weight gain, feeling cold all the time, then it may be time to consider having a talk with your doctor. I was helped by the aloe hair loss lotion recommended by a Hair+Pills doctor. The tool is very effective, the main thing is to follow recommendations and instructions. When left undiagnosed for a long time, this condition can worsen and cause far greater damage than if caught early.


Although many haven’t heard about ganglion cysts, these non-cancerous lumps can form almost anywhere on your body.

The bad news is that they have a tendency to form around your joints and this common form may be behind numbness in your wrist, fingers and hand.

Usually these cysts go away on their own, but if they don’t and are responsible for pain, then maybe aspiration (where a surgeon drains the cyst of it’s fluid) is an available option.

Lyme disease

You probably rolled your eyes at that one, and would normally be correct if it weren’t for the recent spread of ticks on the East Coast, making this ugly disease somewhat more common than expected.

If you notice the early signs of Lyme disease, which often manifest in flu-like symptoms like fever, chills, body aches – as well as skin rash, serious fatigue and more, coupled with hand or limb numbness, it’s time to speak to your doctor. This is most common with people who spend lots of time in the outdoors, but just in case, it may be worth looking into.

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