Discover the Benefits of Knee Massage in St. Albert

Knee pain can be a significant hindrance to your daily activities, affecting your mobility and quality of life. At MVMT Physio & Chiro in St. Albert, we understand the importance of addressing knee discomfort and offer specialized massage therapies tailored to your needs.

Is it beneficial to massage your knees, including sore ones?

When it comes to knee pain, whether it’s due to an injury or a chronic condition, the first step is always a professional assessment. Our team at MVMT Physio & Chiro, including skilled physiotherapists and chiropractors, will evaluate your condition to ensure massage therapy is safe and beneficial for you.

After a thorough diagnosis, a multidisciplinary care plan is crafted, involving you, your physiotherapist or chiropractor, and a registered massage therapist. This plan is your roadmap to success in alleviating knee discomfort. Massage therapy can be incredibly effective in reducing muscle and tissue sensitivity around the knee. It improves blood flow, eases muscle tension, relaxes muscles, and affects other soft tissues that may influence the knee joint.

Can massage therapy benefit arthritic knees?

The answer is similar to managing sore knees. Massage therapy can enhance blood circulation, relax muscles, and alleviate tension in soft tissues surrounding the knee joint. This can lead to increased mobility in arthritic knees.

Managing symptoms of arthritis is crucial for maintaining the ability to exercise, which is one of the top methods for managing knee arthritis. Collaborating with your massage therapist and other healthcare professionals is essential to set realistic expectations and timelines for your treatment. At MVMT Physio & Chiro, we recommend a holistic approach, often involving both physiotherapy and chiropractic care alongside massage therapy.

What is the most effective massage for knee pain?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all “best massage” for knee pain. The key is open communication with your massage therapist about your expectations and goals. This understanding is critical for your therapist to provide the best care possible.

Your therapist will involve you in decisions regarding massage techniques, frequency, duration, and the potential inclusion of other healthcare practitioners. This collaborative approach is fundamental in helping you return to your favourite activities with less pain and improved function.

How can you massage your knees at home?

It’s important to discuss self-management techniques with your RMT for at-home knee care. They can demonstrate various methods to manage symptoms effectively. Additionally, they might refer you to a chiropractor or physiotherapist for a more personalized home exercise program.

Home programs are crucial for long-term outcomes. Your massage sessions, potentially supplemented by chiropractic and physiotherapy, aim to enhance your movement efficiency. To maintain these benefits post-massage, specific exercises are often recommended. Remember, these exercises are designed to complement the therapeutic effects of your professional treatments, ensuring sustained improvement and pain relief.


At MVMT Physio & Chiro in St. Albert, we are committed to providing comprehensive care for your knee health. Whether you’re dealing with an acute injury, chronic pain, or arthritis, our team of experts is here to offer personalized massage therapies and guidance for at-home care. By understanding your unique needs and working collaboratively with our multidisciplinary team, we aim to help you achieve lasting relief and improved mobility.

Don’t let knee pain hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. Reach out to us at MVMT Physio & Chiro, and take the first step towards healthier, happier knees. Book your appointment today and experience the difference that expert care can make in your journey to wellness.

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