How To Get Rid Of Computer Neck Pain Once And For All

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Newsflash: shoulder and neck pain has increased in scope and scale over the last decade – and computers are to blame!

A 2015 study in the journal of occupational Safety and Ergonomics found that within one year of work, instances of neck pain from computer use jumped from 17 to a shocking 63%.

And that’s not all!

Other symptoms linked to neck strain from computer usage include chronic exhaustion and difficulty sleeping.

But the news is not all grim…

The good news: neck pain (strain) can not only be mitigated but can be eliminated completely!


Here are 4 simple neck pain exercises to completely get rid of neck pain once and for all.

Exercise #1 The ‘Wall Sit’

This easy to do exercise is designed specifically to help keep your spine in place by activating the shoulder and upper back muscles.

Simply sit on the floor with your back against the wall with your legs straight and your feet up (so that you form an L with your body).

Keep your spine erect, your back straight and your shoulders back and relaxed. Without leaning forward, reach for your toes and grab the tips.

Make sure your back is still firmly against the wall, and hold that position for 3 minutes.

Exercise #2 The ‘Shoulder Extension’


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This exercise may seem like it worsens the problem at first, especially because we’re trying to correct your neck’s position and this exercise entails leaning the head forward…

But when this neck pain exercise is done correctly, what we are actually doing is unlocking your shoulder girdle, which in most cases is already stuck in a protracted position (and is thus causing you pain!).

Start by getting down on all fours, with your shoulders and wrists in alignment, as well as your hips and knees.

Then, walk your hands out in front of you about six inches, then shift your body forward so your shoulders stack right over your wrists. Your hips should now be about six inches in front of your knees.

Keep your elbows locked out straight, and allow your shoulder blades to collapse together.

Now, and this part is important, let your head hang slightly and release any tension.

The next step is to relax your stomach, and allow your low back to arch.

Hold this position for 3 minutes, and don’t let your elbows bend at all!

Exercise #3: The Lotus

This one actually feels great! But make sure that you take nice, deep breaths while you’re in this position. When done correctly, you’ll begin to notice a release of tension in your neck, jaw and upper back.

Here’s how it’s done:

Start by lying on the floor with your feet pressed together but your knees kept apart.

Have your palms up on the floor at 45 degrees to your body.

Let your back slowly arch off the floor naturally.

Relax and stay there for 3 minutes.

Exercise #4 The ‘Straight Back’

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This simple exercise is meant to realign your head onto your shoulders as it should be, to allow the muscles in your neck to release. This one will be a little longer than usual, but it’s important to stay in this position until your back settles for about 5 or 10 minutes.

Start by lying on the floor, and put your legs up on a chair or couch while keeping your knees at a 90 degree angle.

Then, place your arms on the floor on either side, with your palms facing up, and lay there for 5 to 10 minutes.

Try these simple neck pain exercises for the next week and you’ll marvel at how much better you feel!

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You’ll be amazed at how great you feel

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