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It's safe-to-say that as your read this you're considering the services of a local, St Albert physiotherapist. If so, you probably want someone who can help you get positive results, and of course, at a reasonable price. You're probably looking for a physiotherapist who can optimize your overall well-being so you can get back to that happier and healthier life - as soon as possible. The team at pt Health Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy is exactly that. At pt Health Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy, we are not your run-of-the-mill St Albert physiotherapists. We are an unparalleled team dedicated not only to treating and taking care of people, but to produce lifelong optimum health from our evidence-based, innovative physiotherapy techniques. We have been serving St Albert and greater Edmonton area for 23 years, helping people by giving them paramount health services just as they need. pt Health Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy is a team of multidisciplinary professionals made up of licensed, experienced, and local St Albert physiotherapists who have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge when it comes to physiology, anatomy and biomechanics; allowing us to provide the right approach towards individual needs and the best possible services. Our team works together so our clients can achieve their personal goals. We continuously learn and keep up-to-date about recent strategies to upgrade our skills and provide better treatments.

Since 1992...

Our team prides the level of experience we possess since 1992 having to serve than 12 000 individuals. We gain this much trust from our previous clients by delivering positive results since our very existence. We always strive to give the best services for each of our client. We've treated a wide range of patients and conditions from those who suffered pinched nerve, had sport injuries and even people who are simply looking to improve their overall health. We understand that there is no greater frustration than the awareness that somehow your body needs a rehabilitation to regain your once-upon-a-time optimum performance. You know that you need to do something to get it back and physiotherapy may just be the answer to it. pt Health Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy is highly recommended for those who experience body pains, sport injuries, balance disorders, pinched nerves and anyone who needs rehabilitation after surgery.

Our Team Treats Your Condition and Overall Health

pt Health Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy is also perfect for those who want to improve their overall health. You see, the fast phase modern lifestyle we have today taxes us with enormous stress that if not addressed early, may lead to serious clinical conditions but that does not have to happen when you undergo to physiotherapy. There are a whole lot of benefits from physiotherapy. It can increase body awareness, provides mental clarity, boost immune system, ease out muscle tension and even increases range of strength, motion and flexibility. pt Health Sturgeon Valley clinical philosophy is to provide the ultimate physiotherapy care with our comprehensive methods. We highly value our proactive approach towards physiotherapy. Our team is strongly committed to educate our patients during their rehabilitation process and even after their treatments. We believe that as we educate our patients with right knowledge about their specific condition, this optimizes recovery and minimizes the risk to future injury. At pt Health Sturgeon Valley we combine innovative wellness programming, modern treatment technologies and the power of holistic physical therapy to provide optimal well-being. Our friendly practitioners dynamically evaluate each case; as though one condition may be similar to another, patients respond differently to treatments. This is why there is a process before we proceed to your treatment. We will only provide solutions that match accordingly to an individual's case.

How it Works

Our team's major goal is to restore mobility as we help alleviate pain and promote faster recovery. We believe that the best way to serve our clients is by spending time with them and analyzing the case up-close. We listen, understand and assess before we diagnose your condition. With this, we recommend you contact us for a free consultation. At our clinic you can trust that you are given the optimum private care. You will be asked about your current health status and your current medical condition, if any. You will have a one-on-one conversation with one of our practitioners and your treatment kicks off after your evaluation. The length of your physiotherapy will depend on your case. Are you among the people who are hesitant about physical check-ups or doctors? Fear not. We have the friendliest practitioners in town in a facility where you will feel ultimate comfort. There' a reason why we are among the busiest physiotherapists in St Albert for the past two decades. Our team always makes sure to maintain high level of professionalism and treat each case with respect and confidentiality. Give us a call today and we will be happy to provide you a free-of-charge consultation.


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