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Custom Orthotics Cost: Are they covered by insurance?

If you’ve ever experienced foot pain, strain or live with imbalance then you may want to consider using custom orthotics. These corrective footwear devices are created based on the precise shape of your foot. Custom orthotics can help in rehabilitating an injury as they improve gait and make sure each foot is in the proper position.

While custom orthotics are great for helping with pain, they can be expensive depending on where you are getting them. You may have the option to offset the cost of getting custom orthotics through your extended health plan but you will have to confirm this with your insurance company.

Custom Orthotics – are you covered?

Extended health plans may cover the cost if you need to have custom orthotics. Often, this will require prescription from your doctor that your foot requires an orthotic device. If you want Body Restoration to provide your custom-made orthotics, it would be a good idea to give us a call first before going to your doctor’s appointment. We can give you the heads up on know what information is needed from your doctor.

Aside from an official prescription, some medical insurance companies might also require other information before allowing you to claim insurance for custom orthotics. This may include:

–        The type of raw materials to be used in making the orthotics

–        The method for casting

–        Statement of account for the custom orthotics

–        Biomechanical gait analysis

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You are in luck if your medical insurance company has its own podiatrists or pedorthists that can draw the prescription for your custom orthotic. They might also be able to take care of other information required, or refer you to clinics affiliated with them in order to simplify and ease the process of claiming extended health benefits.

With that, go check now if your extended health benefits covers the custom orthotics cost for your foot rehab. You can get in touch with us for more information.


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