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AHCIP claim procedure

AHCIP Claim Procedure: How Long Does It Take?

If you are working, living or a qualified dependent in Alberta, then you can start the process of your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) claim procedure. You have 365 days or a year to file your claim for the cost of health services covered.

There are two ways to do your AHCIP claim procedure. First is to prepare all the necessary documents then submit them to their office or an authorized registry agent. Second is to prepare the documents and mail them to their office.

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Whiplash, When to Claim – Assessment For Insurance

Those who are familiar with motor vehicle injuries have probably heard of whiplash. It usually occurs as a result of sudden braking at high speeds which, in turn, causes the neck to abruptly flex back and forth. In whiplash, the sudden forward and backward movements are strong enough to cause severe neck injury. In worst cases, the neck can break and cause instant death.

Because whiplash is the immediate effect caused by vehicular accidents, the victim has almost automatically a right to claim for insurance and possible damages against those who caused the accident and injury. While this is very much understandable, there are also cases of insurance claims from bogus whiplash injuries.

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