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hip injuries in runners

Hip Injuries In Runners: Common Causes of Hip Pain

If you regularly run, then you may have suffered from sprains and strains every now and then. The worst injury may have been plantar fasciitis, but did you know that runners are also prone to hip injuries?

Running, after all, is a low cost, convenient and versatile exercise routine that anyone can fit into a busy schedule. Its health benefits have encouraged many men and women from all backgrounds to go out and pound the pavement.

So what are the common causes of hip pain and injuries in runners? How do you prevent and treat them?

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Questions About Hip Replacement Surgery Answered

Got questions about hip replacement surgery?

Here’s everything you need to know!

The Procedure

The hip replacement surgery is performed in two main ways. It can either be performed traditionally or in a minimally-invasive way.

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Try These 4 Hip Pain Treatment Hacks To Feel Better Almost Instantly

Although you may not be dancing the night away on a regular basis, hip pain can be more than just inconvenient… It could be downright dangerous!

Try these four easy to use hip pain treatment hacks to get those hips shaking again like they used to! Warm up with some stretches and let’s get ready for the lying lateral leg raise, the seated butterfly stretch, the glute bridge, and the lying hip extension.

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Rehabilitative Routines You Can Do Now to Relieve IT Band Syndrome

As runners, we know that any kind of sharp pain, whether in the ankles or knees, can halt the training for days. IT band syndrome, specifically, affects almost the entirety of the leg. Worse, it requires you to stop your training for at least fourteen days. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the days are all for bed rest.

Just like any other type of running injury, IT band syndrome (ITBS) recovery needs you to stay mobile and minimally active to accelerate healing. There are some simple rehabilitative routines that you can do for faster ITBS recovery.

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Fix Piriformis Syndrome: Get Relief with these 5 Easy Exercises

Piriformis syndrome is a common injury that usually affects runners. It is often described as a pain from the hip shooting down to the back of the leg and radiating up to the hamstring. Not only does piriformis syndrome affect training and performance for a running event, it also affects daily activities like walking and sitting.

Piriformis syndrome is quiet tricky and if not addressed soon, it can become reoccurring. Nevertheless, the condition is usually reversible with the right care and stretches. Learn how you can beat piriformis syndrome pain from home.

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Your Hip Helper: Stretches and Exercises to Painless Gardening

As much as gardening is an enjoyable activity during spring season, it can also put strain on your lower back leading to pain and discomfort around the hip area.  The right stretches and exercises can effectively prevent hip pain from gardening. We’ve gathered quick, easy stretches, exercises and routine tweaks that will strengthen your hip flexors and prevent balancing issues or injuries.

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