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Why Is Your Elbow Swelling Like A Golf Ball?

Posted by MVMT Team

Elbow tendonitis and elbow bursitis – here’s a foolproof guide to tell the difference for sure.

First, what you need to understand is that tendonitis and bursitis are related ailments, and both can result in your elbow swelling like a golf ball.

It goes without saying that both tendonitis and bursitis are two of the most commonly diagnosed orthopedic ailments, but the problems begin when these terms are used interchangeably.

This makes their identification and treatment all the more complicated…

But rest assured – although these ailments are related, they are by no means the same. And with proper information, you’ll be able to know what to do when your elbow swelling like a golf ball.

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Elbow Pain and Weight Lifting

Posted by MVMT Team

Whether you are a competitive athlete or just want to stay in shape, arm resistance training should be a key component to your workout .

Muscle growth isn’t achieved overnight. Muscle growth requires a repeating process of micro trauma and then a healing phase to gain strength and mass (if that is your goal). Minor micro trauma is a part of the training process, however during this time you may be at risk for greater injury.

Weightlifting, specifically for the arms, can stress tendons and joints connecting the upper arm and forearm. When that happens, you may experience elbow pain.

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Computer Elbow Symptoms: Pain From Typing

Posted by MVMT Team According to a 2017 report from Media Technology Monitor, the average Canadian on the survey spends about 24.5 hours per week (or 3.5 hours per day) online during the previous year. Those aged 18 to 34 spend the most time online at 34 hours per week (or almost 5 hours per day). Meanwhile, another survey has determined that a desktop or …

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