5 Worst Foods For Arthritis: Never put these in your grocery list!

Posted by MVMT Team

Arthritis is a common condition which affects plenty of people in Canada and the world over. While it is more prevalent in older adults, there are also reports of the increase in number of younger people developing arthritis. This can be attributed to the lifestyle that we live – unhealthy foods, inadequate sleep, little to no exercise.

Good nutrition can help prevent the onset and progression of the condition. The right diet can also give substantial relief for those suffering from arthritis symptoms. Here are the 5 worst foods for arthritis that you should never put in your grocery list:

1. Refined carbs

Refined grains or carbohydrates are the worst in triggering arthritis symptoms. Products like white pasta and bread often lead to higher levels of blood glucose which then results in inflammation.

Carbs mostly contain gluten so people with sensitivities to gluten may develop inflammation and joint pain from eating wheat-based foods. Replace the fettucine in your grocery list with the gluten-free variety.

2. Omega-6 fatty acids

Omega-6 fatty acids are beneficial indeed, but only in controlled amounts. Too much consumption of this leads to inflammation. Cooking oils like soy, safflower, sunflower, corn and peanut oils contain omega-6 while most meats and fishes have them too. While it would be impossible to never include meats and fish in your grocery list, you may want to limit them.

3. Processed food products

Make sure to eat fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. Processed food products, prepackaged meals, pastries and snacks are loaded with trans fats which help in keeping these products fresher for a longer period of time. However, these trans fats are responsible for a spike in systemic inflammation. Food products that contain partially-hydrogenated oils should be avoided.

4. High-fat dairy products

Dairy items like butter, cheese and most of its varieties, mayonnaise and margarine usually contain AGEs (advanced glycation end products) and saturated fat. These ingredients cause massive spikes in inflammation thus should be eaten in moderation.

5. Red meats

Closing our list for 5 worst foods for arthritis are red meats. Beef and pork have high levels of saturated fats which can bring about inflammation and higher cholesterol levels. Red meats also contain GEs which accelerate inflammation.

Taking preventive action is half the battle. Avoiding the foods mentioned above is not only good for arthritis prevention, it will also help you steer clear of other illnesses like heart conditions, stroke and diabetes.

The first step to addressing your arthritis symptoms is watching your diet. Try to never put these 5 worst foods for arthritis in your grocery list and you will be well on your way of keeping those flare ups down. However, pain management take more than eating healthy. Our physiotherapists can help you cope. Book a free consultation appointment today.

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