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We understand you still need to move around at home, manage your pain and avoid any further injury as people are dependent on you, now more than ever - kids, parents, spouses, and co-workers. We are open, answering calls, booking appointments and ready to help! Give us a call today

Comprehensive Physiotherapy Treatment That Takes Your Lifestyle Into Account

Looking for St Albert physiotherapists? Is your ever-changing lifestyle pushing you to the limits?

We understand that trying to live productively when you are suffering from headaches, backaches and other pain-related problems can be a struggle. With physiotherapy and other modalities, we can help you reverse the limitations of painful issues so that you can have that pain-free lifestyle back.

At some point of time in your life you may need the services of a professional physiotherapist, and MVMT Physio & Chiro is a smart choice. We care deeply about your health and use only the most effective physiotherapy techniques tailored to your personal needs.

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We're pain relief experts! Our experienced physiotherapy team delivers real results . Feeling pain free is what you want - and that is what we deliver!

Services We Provide:
Massage Therapy
IMS Therapy
Shockwave Therapy
Athletic Taping
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Custom Orthotics
Custom Knee Bracing

Over 23 years

We've successfully treated over 12,420 St. Albert and Edmonton residents since 1992. Our physiotherapy and healthcare team has over 40 years of combined experience helping patients reach their optimal health potential and live a pain free life.

Experienced Team

Is an injury making it difficult for you to do your favourite activities or enjoy life? The road to recovery can feel like an uphill battle. Our friendly and caring physiotherapy and rehab professionals provide pain relief in back, neck, knee and a variety of other injuries. Let us help you reach your goal to optimal health and say goodbye to aches and pains!

Chronic Pain Prevention

Your life wants you back! Research has proven that people who seek therapy early after an injury have shorter recovery periods and are 8 times less likely to develop chronic pain. Shorten your recovery time with our physiotherapy pain relief professionals.

Insurance Covered

With over 15 different insurance covered therapies, a wide range of treatment techniques, 3 very unique technologies, and an ever growing team of healthcare practitioners, we've got you covered as St Albert’s top physiotherapy clinic. Find out how our services can help you with a no obligation appointment.

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MVMT Physio & Chiro

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Meet Your Rehab Team

We love to have fun, but we are serious about your health (and we really know our stuff). We look forward to putting our knowledge towards your best health.

Physiotherapy & Health Tips from our Wellness Corner

You’ve got questions, we've got your answers. We provide uber practical health tips so you can reach your optimal health potential and live a pain free life.

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