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Your Team

Vanessa Wilson

What motivates me:
I have always been motivated by the desire to further my education. Education has given me the ability to grow and mature. It also creates an environment where we are able to try, to make a mistake, to learn, and to try again. Education is so much more than simply sitting in a classroom lecture. It’s experiencing the world, taking risks, getting involved, helping a person…it is our total self.

What I know about health:
I’ve had the pleasure of working in the health care industry for several years, and have found the experience incredibly rewarding. Working in the health care industry gives you the opportunity to help bring a new life into the world, or save a life from ending. You can change lives and impact families the way only healthcare professionals are able to. Not only can you impact individuals, you could also make an impact on entire communities by providing healthcare in a variety of forms.

What am I grateful for:
Pizza! (Anybody wanting to purchase some pizza for me I like pineapple and mushroom with pesto sauce!) Thanks in advance!

My personal goal:
I always have a lot of personal goals, such as furthering my education and continuing to make the people around me smile! But primarily my main goal each year is to obviously win a Super Bowl.

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