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Your Team

Matt Wong

What motivates me:
Physiotherapy is a challenging, yet rewarding career. The abundance of knowledge within the practice motivates me to continue learning and developing myself as a professional. I am constantly taking new courses and honing my skills to better serve my clients.

What I know about health:
Health is multi-faceted with mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual components. Maintaining balance between these constructs allows us to enjoy a greater quality of life – a healthier life. Good health allows us to do the things we love – from working, staying active, or simply spending time with family and friends. Having incurred my own long-term injuries, I understand the frustration of having to put life on pause. At pt Health, my colleagues and I strive to provide holistic care and are dedicated to understanding the root cause of injuries. Your goals and your health are our priority.

What am I grateful for:
Second chances. My journey to becoming a physiotherapist was not linear. Rather, I encountered many obstacles, and I struggled to find a career I am passionate about. In retrospect, I am grateful for the challenges I faced. They allowed me to gain invaluable experience and meet some amazing mentors, some of who are colleagues today. Of course, I would not be where I am without the support of my family. Their encouragement has been a driving force in helping me fulfill my dream profession.

My personal goal:
My commitment to you is to maintain a holistic, comprehensive, and evidence-based practice. It is my responsibility to advocate for my clients and provide them with the best possible care. I value the importance of patient education and helping clients take an active role in their recovery. I know I have done my job when my patients leave the clinic being one step closer to their goals and have the resources to properly self-manage their condition.