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Darrek Coates Kinesiologist St Albert

What motivates me:
You know when you motivate a horse by dangling a carrot over its head to get it to move forward? I am the horse and the carrot is helping people.

What I know about health:
In my field I like to combine the word “health” with the word “wellness”. Where health refers to your physical, mental and social well-being, wellness refers to the process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy lifestyle. Many of us develop habits that can negatively affect our health it is wellness that gives the ability to make the positive change.

What am I grateful for:
Is it terrible if I am grateful for mocha frappucinos? Wait, maybe I should have said my loving family first. Yes I am grateful for family first and then mocha frappucinos.

My personal goal:
I strive to be a positive influence to anyone I meet. I want to avoid ever being stagnant in life. I feel the world is constantly changing and we have to change as a result. I also have a physical goal of running a marathon one day. This will be difficult as I hate running long distances. But can you just imagine the cardiovascular benefits?!?

Darrek Coates Kinesiologist St Albert