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Your Team

Allycia Toneguzzi

What motivates me:
My own self ambition. I have a fear of being content ( as silly as it sounds) I always want to be on a mission to achieve a goal or to strive to make myself better within society. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and i intend to use mine wisely.

What I know about health:
Being a graduate of Social Work, I know mental health. I come with an understanding and a sense of empathy when a physical ailment impacts a person’s mental health and well-being. it is a constant struggle for many individuals within our community.

What am I grateful for:
I am grateful for my own self confidence which recently brought me out here from Ontario; to build my roots as a new Albertan. I am also grateful for the encouragement and support my close friends and family have shown during this new adventure.

My personal goal:
My personal goal is to be able to close to doors to my education journey and complete my Bachelors of Social Work so I can continue to help individuals within the community with their health achievements on a different spectrum.

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