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Your life wants you back!

Life moves fast! Illnesses, injuries, aging and even our modern lifestyle cause us physical damage; conditions that tax us with the discomfort that when left untreated hold us back from moving at the pace life demands.

This is where Body Restoration comes in.

Our St Albert physio team can revive you back to your optimal health with our wide range of physical therapy services dedicated for everyone: from athletes to those who with work injuries, to those who have undergone medical surgeries.

Body Restoration’s professional and licensed physiotherapists focus to help you get back to your optimum health so you can live life to its fullest – just as the way it should be. We analyze your situation to find the perfect treatment according to your unique needs using dynamic physio technologies along with our evidence-based techniques.

Your Physio options.

Although one patient may have the same case to another, different treatment may be given after the in-depth evaluation. Body Restoration’s approach to physio is personalized to ensure that you are given a treatment that matches your current condition.

Our team follows a multifaceted approach to optimal and preventative healthcare.
Our wide range of physiotherapy solutions give help you gain the results you want and the care you deserve. Here are just a few physio treatment solutions available to you at Body Restoration Physiotherapy:

• Custom designed Therapeutic Exercises to restore strength and mobility
• Ergonomic assessment
• Graston Technique
Intramuscular stimulation (IMS)
Manual Therapy
• McKenzie Method
• Myofascial release
Athletic Taping
• Pain management education
• Pelvic floor therapy
• Sports Injury Physiotherapy
• TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
• Ultrasound, laser, electrical muscle stimulation, heat and ice
• Urinary incontinence
• Vestibular rehabilitation

We strive to keep you healthy, fully functional and lifelong happiness. This has been our goal since our team founded Body Restoration (formerly Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy) back in 1993.

Don’t let pain hold you back again, ever. Now is the time to take action and take care of your health. If you want to know more about our services or simply seeking advice for the right treatment for your condition, contact us now for an no obligation appointment. We are here to hear you out.

12, 420 physio patients and counting.

Body Restoration has been serving St Albert and greater Edmonton areas for the past 23 years, helping more than 12 000 individual cases since then. With the number of successful treatments in the past, our team must be doing something right.

Through the years, we have developed techniques and a therapeutic approach that have given our clients the positive results they are enjoying today. We would love to apply these methods to help more people in St Albert and greater Edmonton areas who are seeking to improve their overall health.

We have in-depth knowledge when it comes to physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics; allowing us to provide outstanding services and the right approach toward individual needs.

Our team of professional and licensed practitioners always strives to give our best services to our patients and as methods to this practice evolve, so are our services. While our clinical philosophy stays the same as we started some twenty-three years ago – which is to help everyone gain or regain optimal health – we also adapt to current improvements in the medical industry so that we can provide cutting edge physio services for St Albert and greater Edmonton areas.

Dynamic methods proven through the years .

To date, there are still people who doubt the efficacy of physio. You may be one of them, but let us help you better understand why you need physiotherapy to regain your health.

The practice of physio is not a new approach to healthcare. Matter of fact, this medical technique has been used decades ago. It has proven its large contribution to the medical industry since its very existence.

The first use of physio dated back to as far as 1813 when Per Henrik Ling founded the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics (RCIG) for exercise, massage, and manipulation.

Fast-forward, less than a century after, in the early 1900s, schools for physiotherapists began to emerge. People began to learn strategies for physical therapy. During the 1st and 2nd World War, physiotherapy was among the methods to treat soldiers who were injured in the battlefield. By the 19th century, orthopedic surgeons began treating patients with the physio. Physical therapy and remedial exercises were then introduced to the public.

The 20th and 21st centuries then produced schools specifically for teaching and practicing physiotherapy. Doctors and surgeons then began recommending physio techniques for their patients’ full recovery to certain illnesses.

Today, physio is used to treat and prevent a wide range of health issues. It also has a significant contribution to enhancing both emotional and mental functionalities.

As far as the past decades could tell, physio is not just a hypothetical method towards ultimate wellness. It is a science-based technique backed by thousands of people who have proven its efficacy when it comes to promoting overall well being.

The image that we are trying to paint for you is someone who’s not just functional, but has optimal health and is happy about his (or her) life. When it comes to health, all you ever deserve is a treatment that works. That’s why, we, your local St Albert physio team exist.

Yes, Body Restoration Can Help

We take a holistic approach when treating your pain. Our physiotherapist looks at the entire body as a whole rather than focusing only on the area of pain. Your back pain may actually be coming from your legs, or your tennis elbow may be a result of your neck.

At Body Restoration, our physiotherapists shift the focus from fixing symptoms to finding the source of the pain and developing a treatment plan based on the root cause. We believe in getting the right result the first time so you can get back to what you love without the threat of re-injury.

During your treatments, our physiotherapists will assess, diagnose, actively and dynamically treat mobility issues and symptoms caused by injury, aging, disabilities or illnesses. The kind of treatment you will receive will be based on your current medical condition.

Your physiotherapist will then create an individually customized treatment plan that helps you restore flexibility, movement and physical independence. Follow your treatment plan accordingly to ensure optimum efficacy.

Your physiotherapist will make you understand what caused your pain and how to manage it. With us, you will be taught how to improve your general well-being and avoid recurring injuries. You will also learn how to both reduce and manage pain relief and chronic symptoms.

Why Body Restoration physiotherapists?

Our physiotherapists know which method suits best for your case base from evaluation and analysis. That means we don’t do quick-guessing what kind of treatment we will give to you. Each case goes through meticulous processes before we conclude the ultimate type of therapy for you.

We would love to help you now. Email or call us today for your no obligation consultation. Set up that appointment to learn more. You will be accommodated in a comfortable, private physio-room where your therapist will walk you through the process, explain treatment options and more.

We want you to get back to your optimum health. Remember those times when you are pain-free, back when you moved freely and comfortably or those times when you have the energy to take on the world? That is what we are aiming to give you.

Physio has been proven by many scientific evidences to alleviate pain and its cause. Body Restoration physiotherapy looks at every angle of the case to make sure that you will be healed at the soonest possible time so you can soon be back in track.

It’s about time to regain your optimum strength, function, mobility and life.

“Physiotherapy is a primary health care profession that promotes physical health, mobility and independent function,” said by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Through a successful physio, your muscle’s flexibility and power are restored; giving you heightened mobility and strength. Patients who have the injury on the neck, back or shoulder can recover easily with the help of physical therapy. Physio also increases functions for good overall physique.

Physio is not just a great escape from physical pains. It moves you away from taking symptomatic medications, some to have known dangerous adverse effects. If you want a safer approach towards health, then physio is all that you could ever need.

You need quality care from people who care.

Our client’s overall health is our major priority. With our 23 years of experiences, we came a long way to become among St Albert’s most trusted physiotherapists. By treating (and becoming friends) with over 12.000 individuals across St Albert and greater Edmonton, we’ve learned to listen and really understand the needs of our every client. We’ve dealt with many types of patients from those who were recovering from surgery to those who were rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries and even regular joggers who had sprains.

All we care about is to provide you with result that delivers mobility, agility, strength and pain-free life. We have innovative wellness programming and holistic physiotherapy approach mixed with modern technologies to ensure that our clients get the best results.

We make sure that your case is treated with high confidentiality and information in regards to your condition is just only disclosed between you and your physiotherapists.

Know today what you can make use of tomorrow.

We don’t simply treat your condition, we educate you everything you needed to know about your physical health. This way, you will be able to learn how to cope up with certain conditions and avoid any future risk. Each session with your physiotherapist leads you to learn more about your body and how to effectively cope with pain.

After your therapy with us, you will then learn how to maintain your optimum health.

Give us a call for your no obligation consultation.

There is no better way to provide you the right treatment than to discuss your situation up-close. We recommend you give us a call now for a no obligation appointment.

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