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Physical Therapy Services

Why prolong your pain when there are REAL solutions? It’s time to give your body the care it deserves. Life is so precious and every second you spend with your pain is a second of life wasted. We’ve been in the physical therapy industry long enough to have seen many kinds health problems – all to which we’ve given the kind of treatment that have helped our clients reap the benefits of a pain-free, more enjoyable life. Learn more about our wide range of St Albert Physical Therapy services below and then call or email today for a no-obligation consultation. We would love to help you out.


Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Start Your Personalized Physio Program Today Feel dizzy at times? It may be a sign of balance problems in your vestibular system. Vestibular issues can have a profound…

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St Albert Physio

Your life wants you back! Life moves fast! Illnesses, injuries, aging and even our modern lifestyle cause us physical damage; conditions that tax us with the discomfort that when left…

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St Albert Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy St Albert – Since 1992 Looking for just the right massage therapy treatment? Body Restoration’s experienced and insurance covered massage therapists use techniques that are proven to: relieve…

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St Albert Acupuncture

Your body has its own healing capacity. You just need to activate it and we, your St Albert acupuncture and wellness team, can show you how. How Does Acupuncture Work?…

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Radial Shock Wave Therapy

What is Radial Shock Wave Therapy? Do you suffer from chronic, persistent pain? Do you want a non-surgical alternative to resolve your condition?  Serving the St. Albert and Edmonton area,…

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Exercise Rehabilitation

What are Physiotherapy Exercises? Exercises are an essential component to the recovery process of patients with musculoskeletal conditions. If you want your life back, you will have to do the…

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Manual Physical Therapy

What is Manual Physical Therapy? Have you gone to physiotherapy in the past and not had much success in your pain? Perhaps the physiotherapist relied heavily on putting a heat…

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IMS Physiotherapy ST Albert

What is IMS Physiotherapy (Intramuscular Stimulation)? Are you suffering from tightness in your lower back? The chronic irritating pain you are feeling may be caused by muscles shortening or contracting…

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Custom Orthotics St Albert

What Are Custom Orthotics? If your feet could talk, they would tell you there’s a lot more to keeping them happy than the occasional foot massage or a pair of…

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Athletic Taping

What is Athletic Taping? Has an injured muscle or tendon make you feel slower or weaker than normal? If you’re an athlete or work in a profession that requires physical…

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Custom Knee Bracing

Custom Knee Brace St Albert The right knee brace can help accelerate recovery, provide support, and encourage painless, regular movements during activities. Body Restoration physiotherapists are experienced in identifying cases that need…

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Since 1992...

Since 1992, Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy has been dedicated to helping the people of St Albert and greater Edmonton areas regain and maintain their optimum health - just as each deserves. We have a wide range of services for everyone; from those who need physiotherapy after surgery, for athletes who are injured, for weekend warriors, and for regular 9-to-5 workers. Our team is made up of experienced practitioners including St Albert physical therapy professionals, massage therapists, and kinesiologists. You are not alone when it comes to physical pain. Having served St Albert and the greater Edmonton area for the past two decades and more, we’ve helped more than 12 000 individuals and the numbers continue to grow. We know that every single day, somebody out there is suffering physical pain and that they need our help. This reality fuels our team to strive even harder to provide the best physical therapy in town. We’ve combined experience, technology and result-based strategies to ensure that each patient served is satisfied. We continue to adapt to the latest trends that upgrade our services for our clients. Whatever you need – may it be a treatment for pain, to regain energy, to ease out aches or simple relaxation – Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy St. Albert is the right place to be. Call us, tell us what you need, we would love to help you.

The Cost of Pain

We don’t have to tell you that pain isn’t fun. You can feel it. It is an unsettling experience; not to mention, bothersome. The thing about pain is that it is not just what it is. Pain results a chain of disadvantages that affects us greatly; from not being able to perform well at work place to a lowered self-esteem and even to troubled relationships. Pain can lower your emotional, social, spiritual and overall well-being, affecting you physically, mentally and emotionally. While you are in pain, you are less functional, you always feel tired and lethargic. It is hard to focus on the things that matter because that stinging pain is all that is on your mind. Really, why struggle to “cope” with pain when you can actually make it go away starting today?

Pills do not Heal

Sure you can easily buy pain medication from over-the-counter, but the truth is that these drugs mainly mask the symptoms. They may have targeted the pain, but not the cause of it. Overtime, the aches comes back. What’s more, that pain may turn into a chronic condition. Physical therapy, on the other hand, relieves the pain, analyzes its root and strategically creates a personalized preventive measure. Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy is not just about treating the pain; we target the root of it to make sure that it doesn't come back.

NOW is the Time to take Action

The sooner you start physical therapy, the quicker your recovery often is. Early assessment allows complicated cases to be identified quickly. If you prolong the pain, the problem gets deeper and recovery will take more time – in some cases leading to chronic pain. Don’t wait. If you feel pain now, we recommend you give us a call for a no obligation appointment. We’ll help you find the right treatment for your condition. Early intervention makes recovery easier. Research has proven that those who seek early therapy are eight times less likely to develop a chronic condition.

Which Therapy Suits Me?

The answer depends on your condition and what kind of treatment you feel comfortable with. If you have low-grade, general aches and pains, we may recommend you to start massage therapy treatments. If you’re suffering from a more serious injury or pain, the answer could be personalized physical therapy or acupuncture. We also have specialized programs such custom knee bracing, custom orthotics and athletic taping for active individuals. If you don’t know what kind of therapy you need, we suggest you give us a call today for a no obligation appointment. We will evaluate your case and help you find the right treatment.

Why Physical Therapy Services

The answer is straightforward - because it works. Sturgeon Valley uses practices that have been long used in the medical industry; ones that are proven to deliver the ultimate positive results. The thousands of successful therapy cases we had in the past are proofs that the treatments we have, work. Our clinical philosophy is to give nothing but the best result for each of our clients. From physiotherapy to radial shockwave to massage therapy, our St Albert physical therapy clinic offers many leading edge wellness programs to get you back doing the things you love, the things you need to do! Our pain reliefs professionals provide the highest level of clinical care and include a team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, and kinesiologists.

Professionals that You can Trust

When you need physical therapy, you want effective treatment at a reasonable cost. Of course, the service (or services) should be given by professionals that you can trust. The Sturgeon Valley physical therapy team is made up of skilled, highly qualified, compassionate therapists. Our St Albert physiotherapists are here to help you get back to life with positive results that you can expect. With us, we will not only help you ease the pain, but, we also make you understand your pain; educating you the things you can do to prevent future risk. We also give individualized program for every client for maximum benefit. Let Us Help You Get Back Your Life Look back from the moment you first experienced that pain. What have you lost or miss so far? We bet a lot. If you want to make up what you lost, then it’s about time you let us help you. Our wide range of treatment helps you combat pain so you can enjoy life once again. Among our goals is to stay on track with the latest knowledge to provide updated services for our clients. Relax in a friendly atmosphere set-up for your maximum comfort. We strive to push you back to become fully functional again in the quickest possible way. We listen, understand and analyze your situation to make sure that you are given proper diagnoses. We use the latest physical therapy techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to aid faster recovery. Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy possesses the best multi-disciplinary health and wellness practitioners. We’ve cultivated a collaborative environment, providing our clients the best benefits from our clinicians’ combined knowledge. Call or email us today and get your no obligation appointment.